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Lyme Disease, better known as the 'great imitator,' is a devastating disease. It mimics over 300 different diseases. Chronic Neurological Lyme is even more challenging. I know, first hand, how insidious it can be. The Borrelia burgdorferi species of bacteria is not the only culprit; it's a litany of co-infections, mycoplasmas, parasites, toxins, mold and viruses that bring us to our knees. And, this is just the beginning. What about their stealth nature to be pleomorphic and using 'quorum sensing' to communicate among themselves and with other organisms? They protect themselves in these impenetrable, slimy fortresses (biofilms) with a self-produced matrix of extracellular polymeric substance (EPS). And the worst part is they have the innate ability to create these strategic, militant biofilms while barricading themselves and hiding from your immune system!

I am offering 'one-on-one' consulting sessions at the Lyme Clinic, to help you with your Lyme Journey and answer all your questions. Whether you are in the beginning stages and trying to determine if you indeed have Lyme and if so, what do you do next? Or, if you want to talk in depth about how your genetics play a role in the root cause of why you are not getting better. Or is it something else? This is the place; let's figure it out.

Are you devastated and paralyzed because you have Lyme Brain? Does it feel like an alien has hijacked your mind, but you are still in your physical body? Does it feel like you are existing in a parallel universe? Do you sometimes have suicidal ideation, but are afraid to tell anyone? It's not you, it's extreme inflammation in your brain...encephalopathy. There is a great deal of guilt and shame with Lyme and it's actually very, very normal.

No one believes or understands you when you explain a myriad of multi-systemic symptoms, especially conventional doctors. Lyme is an invisible disease. Lyme also has a very personal emotional component; this is the hardest part to deal with because it's so 'not you.' And to make matters worse, it's a very expensive health crisis. You are not alone.

You may have had Lyme a long time and have read every book you could find on the subject, but are still fearful about what to do next and where to spend your money. And, if you already been seeing a Lyme literate doctor, why aren't you feeling better? What do you need to do? What's missing?

You might be asking, what Lyme lab tests are the best? Who is the right practitioner for me? Where do I start? Who do I call? It's time consuming and expensive to interview various doctors and alternative and holistic practitioners. And what about biological dentists? You may have serious infections in your jaw, under your teeth and you may not even know they are reeking havoc with your immune system.  Who does root canal extractions and cavitations? I can be a resource for you and help guide you through this gauntlet, wherever you are located. It's your consult; we take it where you want to go. Call or email me and ask about the Lyme Clinic.


FACT #2:

CDC reports: Lyme disease infects 400,000 (recently updated to possibly 500,000-1M) people a year. 10X more Americans than previously reported. "This new preliminary estimate confirms that Lyme disease is a tremendous public health problem in the United States,” says Dr. Paul Mead, chief of epidemiology and surveillance for CDC’s Lyme disease program. Source

FACT #3:

40% of Lyme patients end up with long term health problems. The average patient sees 5 doctors over nearly 2 years before being diagnosed. I saw 25 doctors in over 20 years!  The financial costs were exorbitant.  Source

Researchers and doctors now suspect that many more people have Lyme Disease than the CDC's revised estimates. Due to misdiagnosis and lack of awareness, they are now saying it's closer to 500K-1M new cases a year. It's a pandemic!  Imagine that...there may be, conservatively, more than 1,300 cases a day!

FACT #1:

Lyme is 6X more common than HIV, 2X more common than Hepatitis C and 2X more prevalent than breast cancer. It's time the government and the insurance companies get on board and stop ignoring this deadly international pandemic. Source

Lyme and Genetics

'I have Lyme Disease and have learned from my MethylGenetic NutritionTM studies that those of us with chronic illnesses such as Lyme and/or auto-immune diseases, are so very compromised; genetically, speaking. In my experience with clients, I have noticed we all have similar genetic variant patterns whereby our biochemical pathways are clogged and are not functioning at their optimum capacity. Hence, we are creating damaging free radicals like ammonia, sulfites/sulfates, peroxynitrites, zonulin, histamine, excess glutamate, hydroxyl radicals, and much more. This makes us feel worse. We have a constant cascade of cytokines that create inflammation. and make us extremely fatigued. This means our mitochondria are damaged and need help!

Invariably, 99% of all Lyme patients have shown patterns leading to a difficulty in detoxing, and 'lack of function' SNPs which cause 'NOS uncoupling' which in turn leads to the ever so dangerous, 'peroxynitrites.' Peroxynitrites are extremely dangerous free radicals. They chew up our glutathione, thus suppressing our immune system, and basically allowing Lyme to have it's way with us! We need help clearing these pathways and improving our health. That's why genetic interpretation, lifestyle and dietary choices, as well as appropriate nutritional supplementation to help the body heal naturally, are so very important to me.'  

Healing from Lyme is different for anyone; no two people are alike in their illness or in their recovery. Two people can be living together; both have Lyme, while one is healthy and feels fine, the other is extremely ill and plagued by Lyme. I am sure you have heard the story where one twin is chronically ill and the other is perfectly healthy.....both living in the same environment. That’s where genetics comes into play. Genetics isn't everything, but It's an important piece of the puzzle in terms of getting and feeling, better. Learn more with a MethylGenetic NutritionTM Consult.

The 'genetic patterns' that seem to be most prominent with all LYME patients are:

Iron/Copper Oxidation

Mitochondria Dysfunction


Urea Cycle


Glutamate Production

DNA Repair

Histamine and Mast Cell Activation


Specific genetic patterns found in Lyme Patients

I recently participated in several Lyme Studies with MethylGenetic Nutrition AnalysisTM. The data collected indicated that specific genetic variants are common in those with chronic Lyme Disease and/or chronic illness! We examined over 350 genes that are involved with mitochondria function, methylation, neurotransmitter production, antioxidant production and patterns that may result in excess production of oxidative stress, including superoxide, glutamate, ammonia and peroxynitrites. In addition, there is an iron/copper/magnesium connection! Yes, having these elements our of balance is the scourge of the 21st Century! The results were fascinating and give us the knowledge necessary to help those suffering from illnesses due to these genetic variant patterns.

Here's what I do to help my Lyme clients: I look at your genetic patterns, your current lab reports, and your symptoms to determine a systematically organized, customized genetic interpretation, lifestyle and dietary suggestions, as well as appropriate 'epigenetic' nutritional supplementation to help your body heal naturally and avoid future issues.

This is why the chronically ill, are chronically ill...

Whether you have Lyme Disease or you have another chronic illness (i.e., Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, ALS, Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, MS, Tinnitus, Arthritis, Asthma, Autism, RA, etc.) you probably have biochemical pathways that are compromised due to your genetic predisposition and, let's not forget epigenetics inclusive of lifestyle, food, water, drugs, toxins, pathogens, EMF's and other environmental influences.

Simply put, this leads to 'NOS uncoupling' which turns into free radical damage (peroxynitrites, ammonia, hydroxy radicals, toxicity) and that creates disease. It doesn't happen overnight, it has been festering for many years. Find out why you don't feel good and how we can help unclog these pathways, supplement appropriately and make some nutritional and epigenetic modifications that will help you get well and feel better!

Read more about this disease paradigm, 'Explaining Unexplained Illnesses,' by Dr. Martin Pall.

Above Graphic Source: MethylGenetic NutritionTM

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