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'I was getting a pap smear every 5 years and after my SNP variant consultation with Linda, I learned that I have a propensity to be at risk for cervical cancer. I am now going to get tested every year! This is life changing information for me!'

Debra V.

'I am a working mother of 2 small children and the Methyl Genetic Nutrition AnalysisTM and the personalized supplementation program helped my energy level soar and now I can do more in a given day! I don't have to take lots of supplements; I just take the ones best for me.'

Bethany L.

'I have Chronic Lyme Disease and I’ve learned through my consult with Linda that I have certain genetic patterns that are associated with chronic illness that have affected my ability to get better, faster! I learned how to make nutritional changes and apply a personalized supplementation program that helps me alleviate many of these issues.'

Stella G.


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